The Rumour Mill

Located in Croydon's McAdam Square, we are excited to bring our passion for great coffee and healthy, delicious food to the local community.

Our coffee is sourced Farm Direct through Community Roasters.  We believe this is a simpler arrangement, without expensive labels or accreditations, by which third world farmers get a fairer price for their pesticide free crops.  

Awaken the inner connoisseur with a specialty brew.  Choose from our house blend or a single origin bean.

Cold drip.jpg

Cold Drip

Coffee, slow filtered with chilled water over several hours to give a sweeter, less acidic brew.  Served black on ice.


Coffee made using the Chemex method of pouring boiling water over ground coffee.  A pure, flavourful brew without bitterness or sediment.


Smooth, rich and pure.  A simple combination of ideal water temperature and air pressure yields a rich flavoured brew with lower acidity and without bitterness.